About the Company

Michalski Company is one of the companies which has a long-established track record of its presence on the market specialising in outdoor neon-sign advertising. We have been doing our business as early as from 1983. Our company, as one of the few, engages in prototype and customised works involving all types of energy sources, ranging from solar energy to economical led-diode energy which has recently caught up.

We are based in Warsaw, at 56 Hołubcowa Street in Grabów-Ursynów District. The founder of the Company is Jacek Michalski who being assisted by his family member, expanded the business to its present splendour. From its very beginnings, the Company has been eager to face big challenges and hence in the very first years of its operations produced light billboards for Phillip Morris and PKO BP.

But, that was only the beginning. Our Company has many other completed projects in its portfolio, not only related to advertisement industry, but also electrical installations, large size structures and small architecture works. All these projects and works have been made by our experienced management team and expert production crew.
Thanks to their experience and theoretical background, even with regard to the biggest projects and performances, we enjoy high appreciation from our customers reflected in long list of references.

Our management and design team consists of expert engineers in the field of electro technique, building and construction as well as visual design. Our legal specialists and economists effectively handle legal and economic issues. Members of our staff have many-year employment record and those who are the most experienced have even longer professional experience. This proves that our employment terms guarantee stable professional development. Very soon our reliability and good performance bond for our service will be confirmed by ISO 9011 certificate. At present, we are preparing our staff to audit review.

In order to ensure professionalism and timeliness of our services, we sign in an engagement letter for each work performed and internally we are able to follow the progress of works at each stage of their performance.

Many advertisements require building permit and this is the task for our team. They settle all formalities and filings with the competent authorities. And all of this is to please and satisfy our customer.